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Flavor, Nutrition and Replacement

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Herbs n Spices on the GO removes the clutter on your stove & countertop!

Base, Broth And Salad Dressing With Herbs n Spices On The GO Made Easy

Simple Dishes - Veggies, Soup, Beans, Potatoes And Plate

Nutritional Coaching/ Food, Activity and Nature

Nutritional Coaching/ Food, Activity and Nature

I offer limited individual and group coaching for clients interested in moving towards an unprocessed, plant-based ‘LIFEt’ (the opposite of DIEet). This includes planning a menu, meeting at the grocery store, recipes and pertinent information, i.e., articles, videos, etc., providing evidence of plant-based eating health benefits.

I also offer power point presentations on the value of an unprocessed plant-based ‘LIFEt’ beyond fruits and veggies. If your company, school, group of friends and/or family are interested, please email me at gwen@gwennieonthego.com.

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Education And Conferences

  • Exhibiting Herbs n Spices on the GO at the Plant-Based World Exposition, Javits Center, NYC, June 2019.
  • The Real Truth About Health Conference, Melville NY, February 2019 and 2018
  • International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, San Diego CA , September 2019
  • Remedy Plant-Based Healthcare Conference , Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, November, 2017.
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